The Gong Lab: Free Gong Bath

If you have never been to as gong bath before they’re a unique sensory experience. You first hear the gongs vibing out, then you feel the vibration. My experience has been that feeling this mild vibrations in your body make it easy to put your mind in your body. I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 16 years and I can tell you without question using your mind to think about your body is a relaxation and rewarding process. We are hard wired to give our bodies voice once in a while.

When I listened to my body it said: “Nick…. you need to let the air out of that balloon once in a while” I found the gongs a great way to relax and I really enjoy being there, experiencing those sounds and vibrations. I liked it so much I want to bring it to you, because I think you’ll like it too.

We live busy lives with lots of choices. Tension is a choice. The Gong Lab is conducting an relaxation experiment. Does vibration and sound help you relax? Join us! Tell us what YOU think.

We are hosting a FREE gong bath this Friday at 7pm. 578 New Loudon Rd, and the Pilates Principle. Join us!