Dedicated Thai Massage and Gong Room in Saratoga Springs

I’ve finally got the dedicated Thai massage and gong room up and running in Saratoga. The Gong / Thai massage room is our new home for my gong collection over the years. And yes, finally we can offer private Gong Baths on a regular basis.

I’ve always done the gong thing as a hobby, and very often we get feedback about our one or two event a month schedule. It’s simply too time consuming to load, set up and unload all of these things to do any more than that during the month. Now with a great home, they can live here between events. We’ll be adding them into sessions doing in that room if the client should be interested, and Saturday and Sunday we’ll do private Gong Labs.

The room is cozy and the acoustics are compressed by the lead lined as this was an doctors office in it’s former life. We can have fit two people comfortably on a mat for a private Gong Bath. Gongs are donation based and we are asking $50-$100 for an hour session.

Gong Lab Gong room in Saratoga Springs, NY