The Gift of Massage

Gift of MassageThere is a moment during a really great massage or bodywork session where it feels like the whole world suddenly gels. I like to think it’s the theta state of brainwave activity in which the inner meets me feeling happens.


When I teach classes, I share with students about creating magic in each session. The therapist must work with clear intent,  but also the freedom to improvise and change as needed. Learning this work is not only technical ability, it is an art. Art can impact us in profound ways on different levels and massage and bodywork do as well. This work does something very important, it honors the bodies own healing system.  By doing so the healing system does what it does best… magic. Healing is a magical superpower and it simply astonishing to behold like we as massage therapist behold on a daily basis.


When you give a massage, you are giving the gift of health.