Lindsay’s garden


Diary of a Gardener

Lindsay Harvey, LMT at Bodywork Professionals Saratoga and Latham, has been an avid gardener for almost twelve years.  Here is her blog: Spring has been a very long time coming this year in upstate New York.  Though frozen and canned produce from last year’s bounty create a sense of connection to the earth and what we grow, nothing can replace the tactile sensation of actually digging in the dirt and working the land.  When you become a gardener, you become in tune with the rhythms of the seasons – the pulse of life and death cycles.  Sometimes through the long hard winter I would pause on a snowshoe hike, gazing longingly at the snowed-over garden.  Some plants that didn’t get turned into the soil would poke out of the snow, dead and depressing-looking.  I knew that winter would not last forever, but there were times that it seemed close to that.     All of this creates the backdrop for the excitement and joy of witnessing the first signs of spring!  Snow thaws, mud is everywhere, the birds chirp and the days get longer.  But none of these spring signs get me as “jazzed” as seeing actual LIFE poking out of the ground!  Tulips, daffodils, and day lilies have all begun to sprout. The tulip leaves, especially, are so beautiful, all curled up and holding themselves back – they know it is still too cold overnight to blossom completely. Chives, the very first edible garden item, has already graced a salad of mine.  They are adorable, at about 3 inches high. And lastly, believe it or not, some garden seeds can actually go into the ground right now!!  Some things LIKE cold soil.  Peas have been planted, as well as spinach.  I also have a raised bed that stays warmer than the earth, and have a cover for it in case we do get a threat of overnight frost, and in that I have planted radishes and various forms of salad greens.  Please do not be tempted by the stores that put out tender flowers begging to be taken home and planted.  There is still a risk of frost overnight until well into May, and your investment can be destroyed…