Saratoga Family – Caring for the person that takes care of everybody else

Selfcare during these times is more important than ever. Each of us has had a different experience over the last few months. Since we’ve been open I’ve heard many different stories about how life changed for the better or worse, joys and drudgery.

Suddenly Became a Caregiver

Lots of people found themselves turning into full time caregivers. Some for children not in school or activities, some for elderly parents. Both cases present a different pallet of physical and emotional stress that can be physically depleting. In this distant world, the lack of touch and contact has also taken a toll.

Caring for Yourself First

I always think I’m going to ignore the advice of airline stewards that say “In the event of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on before your children.” Many of us are hardwired to take care of others first and it’s almost uncomfortable to think of putting yourself before others.
However, taking care of yourself is in fact taking care of them. Enduring or ignoring chronic pain, is ignoring the machine telling us something is wrong and needs attention. Just the act of caring itself can go a long way to making things better.

Massage is Great for Selfcare

Massage is being safely conducted statewide and nationally.  Apart from enhanced cleaning protocols, staff testing and screening we have air purifiers in every room. We stagger appointments and set 30 minutes between sessions for a deep room clean. It’s likely the only person you will see during your visit is your massage therapist. While we can’t eliminate risk altogether, we are doing our best to maintain a safe environment.
I’ve got young kids and elderly parents and grandparents and I didn’t feel it was safe to conduct a massage I simply wouldn’t do so, nor would I ask my staff to. We’ve safely done well over 1000 hours of massage since reopening in late June.

self-ccareNow is a good time to give yourself the care you may have been putting off.  Bodywork Professionals has 15 years experience delivering the best in massage and bodywork. We have a educated, dedicated staff of licensed massage therapist whose sole focus is the art and practice of bodywork.

We have a downtown Saratoga Springs office, Latham and our brand new location in Niskayuna. We’d love to work with you.