Who is the Feldenkrais Method good for?

Who is the Feldenkrais Method® for?

Feldenkrais Method® good for individuals of all ages and ability levels

Many of my peers in the Feldenkrais Method® prefer to, and excel at, working with certain populations.  There are practitioners who work specifically with Professional Dancers, Professional Musicians, or Professional Athletes.  While others specialize in working with children with neurological difficulties, the elderly, or pregnant women.


The bottom line is plain and simple though: the Feldenkrais Method® is for all people.  All Individuals who function with a nervous system (which is all individuals I have ever come across), no matter their age, ability levels, or interests can benefit from this intelligent movement method.


At Bodywork Professionals, it is my goal to reach the every-man (and every-woman).  I have no major disabilities and my extraordinary talents are not as an athlete, dancer or musician, but I, like you, have a nervous system and an incredible amount of untapped potential.  As we grow, we create our own self-image.  We define our limits, our ‘reality’.  But this has nothing to do with what is actually possible for us should we have the opportunity to learn more.  With the Feldenkrais Method® nothing feels too far out of reach anymore.  Of course I know that to become an incredible dancer, actor, musician or athlete it takes years of study, but if you know how to learn it is all possible.


This sounds silly, of course we know how to learn right?  We’ve been doing it our whole lives.  However much of the learning that has taken place thus far was not done consciously.  You may have trained yourself in certain habits without even being aware that you were doing so.  These habits may create what you see as your limits right now.


The Feldenkrais Method® is for anyone who wants to learn how to be more comfortable,  learn to be more graceful, more confident.  This learning is long-term, not a quick fix, but something that will become your way of life.


If your body is in pain, you are restless with monotony, you can no longer do the things you used to do, or you are unhappy with the way you react to triggers or relationships the Feldenkrais Method is for you!


If you want to improve your performance in a sport, talent or craft, if you feel like you could be more but just aren’t sure what that means, or if you simply love learning, the Feldenkrais Method is for you!


In my Feldenkrais practice, I do not cater to any body type, age, or sex but rather serve all my students with the patient lessons in somatics that I have grown to so value.


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