The Move Toward Bodywork

There has been a trend in the region in the growing manual massage and bodywork therapy field. Driven by two massage schools in the area, Center for Natural Wellness and The Mildred Elley School of Massage, the region has become a new hotbed for manual therapy.

This trend is an answer to the classic spa environment that has existed as the only acceptable place to get a massage. In a spa environment, a premium is charged for pampering and packaging. In a bodywork environment, the premium is placed on skill of the therapist and effectiveness of the work.

While massage has classically been seen as relaxing and a plausible way to spend and hour, a bodywork session offers more by improving the function of the body. A practitioner may choose from a wide variety of modalities to achieve this goal.

In my 14 years as a bodyworker in the region, I can say that I am delighted by the trend. Being a practitioner of Structural Integration I’ve wanted to open horizons as far as what manual soft tissue manipulation can do. Using Structural Integration as a model, Bodywork Professionals has been a leader of bodywork based businesses.

Bodywork sessions can be more physically challenging and our therapists have set a maximum number of sessions per day. This cuts down on therapist fatigue and ensures each session gets all of that therapist’s skills.

I looked for therapists to work here who saw bodywork the same way I did. In a bodywork session the therapist has to be an excellent listener and empathetic to the client’s needs. This creates a thinking therapist and someone who is working with you rather than just working on you.

We do classic relaxation massage work here, but we empower our clients to ask for the kind of work they’d like. To that end, our goal is to make the most effective work available to the client.