Bodywork: Like Listening with Hands

One of the important parts about being a bodyworker is knowing how to listen to your clients and their body. People often ask if our work hurts. I’ve found that good communication, especially listening on the part of the therapist, makes the session not painful at all.

There is a difference between pain and experience. Direct work on tissue that is inflamed or irritated can give the body a lot of feedback. This feedback is important information and can be the product of an under functioning body indicating what parts are being most misused.

Expressions involving stance and gesture can be more telling than the words behind them and can convey context and attitude. A bodyworker’s job is to listen to the form that makes this happen.

Bodywork looks at what path that led the body to this point, and where it would like to go. Our job is to support healthy structure and function. We have a bag of tools at our disposal, and rely on feedback from our clients to do our work properly. Feedback may be verbal, or a signal that the body sends out on it’s own communication network. A good therapist knows how to interpret these signals to direct the flow of work.

Our Staff at Bodywork Professionals are skilled practitioners, and know that the person they are working on has their undivided attention during their session.