Why Try Thai

By Rebecca Morris, LMT

Thai massage is a technique of passive stretching and compress focusing on the flow of energy your body.   In general massage is amazing both mentally and physically.  No matter what your story is, overuse, underuse or misuse Thai massage can help bring back balance to your body.


Thai Massage is perfect for athletes as part of your training regimen. Adding regular sessions into your self-care routine will help your body recoup from strenuous workouts allowing your body to optimally function for the big event.  Post event it is an amazing tool for recovery.   Professional, amateur and weekend warrior athletes alike can all benefit from the dynamic stretching and enhanced range of motion.

Thai massage is also beneficial to those in professions where they use their body. From construction workers to mail men to nurses and other care givers.  We abuse our bodies every day with repetitive motions, heavy lifting, and poor posture.  These all set up patterns of muscle use which can lead to inner stress which results in tightness within our bodies.  Thai Massage can open your body allowing energy to flow freely.  This supports the body’s natural ability to heal its self, bringing along better mental, physical and emotional health.

Desk Dwellers

For the desk dwellers, students and office employees. Sitting at a desk all day wreaks havoc on your body.  Some common ailments include rolled shoulders, forward neck carriage, and the loss of your neck due to your shoulders being up to your ears.  According to Eastern philosophy, tightness causes energy to be blocked with leads to disruption and imbalance. Thai massage is perfect for bringing blood flow back to areas largely neglected from long periods of time sitting.  The passive movements and gentle stretches allow your body to open up in ways that we restrict ourselves and the opening poses gently remind our body where it should be.

Give Yourself an Hour for to Try Thai Massage

In our busy world it is now a norm to have high amounts of stress, we are always giving to others putting their needs above our own.  Realistically this is not going to change.  But to give yourself an hour out of your week that is purely focused on you is invaluable.  This gives you time to recharge and to address any issues that are underlying. Thai Massage relieves pain and muscle tension while invigorating the nervous system and brings about greater physical awareness, increased flexibility, and deep relaxation.  You can think of it as a treat to yourself or as a much needed tune up.  You will leave feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated and I am pretty sure we can all benefit from a little of that.