You may already know that Bodywork Professionals is offering its very popular summertime special of three massages for $220. You may think this is just a promotional offer, aimed at boosting business during the busy summer season.

Summertime 3 Series

Summertime 3 Series

You’d only be partially right. While our Latham location has been in existence for ten years and is highly regarded as the best massage therapy practice in the area, we are still relatively new to Saratoga and we need to prove ourselves to our new clients.

But more importantly, studies have proven the benefits of receiving frequent massage at closely spaced intervals.

It’s true. An Emory University study measured the biological, physical and emotional responses that occurred in individuals who received three to five massages within a defined time period. The results were positive in all three areas.

On a biological level, recipients of massage experienced a reduction in the stress-inducing hormone, cortisol; while, levels of serotonin – which create an enhanced feeling of well-being –  increased. The study also showed a boost in the immune and endocrine responses.

These biological changes mean that clients receiving regular massage are likely to enjoy enhanced therapeutic effects, including a reduction of anxiety, fatigue, depression – and there is even evidence of a reduction of symptoms for asthmatics and persons with HIV.

On a mechanical level, regular massage therapy increases muscular flexibility and reduces muscular tension and pain.

In short, when you make massage part of your lifestyle, there are no negatives – only positives. So, take advantage of the summertime special and start treating your body and soul to something that will benefit you across the board.