Why Cranio-Sacral Therapy is Awesome

By: Karden Rabin

In the realm of massage therapy and bodywork, there are dozens of methods. The sheer number of modalities makes finding the most appropriate type challenging. That being said, for those who have not strayed from traditional Swedish of deep-tissue massage, CranialSacral Therapy is very much worth exploring.

Developed by Dr. William Sutherland and evolved by Dr. John Upledger, CranialSacral Therapy (CST) is a non-invasive light-touch therapy that is highly effective for relieving issues such as migraines, TMJ, lock jaw, head pain, neck pain and low back pain. Its especially good at inducing state of incredible relaxation and eliminating cumulative stress.

Its effectiveness lies in part in the fact that it interacts directly with your body’s nervous and energetic systems via the bones of your cranium, spine and pelvis. In the same way that operating systems runs a computers hardware, your nervous and energetic systems underlie the function of your muscles, tendons and joints. As a result, CST is often able to resolve the root cause of issues rather than their more superficial manifestations. This makes it especially effective in dealing with chronic issues that have persisted despite the application of conventional massage and bodywork therapies.

The CST experience is also highly enjoyable. Most clients report amazement at the relaxation and pain relief that such light and stationary touch can bring. Others find it preferable because its performed fully clothed and without oils. Even those who receive conventional bodywork on a regular basis will rotate a CST session into their routine because they feel that it relaxes and heals them on a deeper level.

Anyone can benefit from CST and we at Bodywork Professional’s highly encourage the work. Individuals that may be especially interested are those who have ?tried everything else? to cure an ailment or chronic condition. Since CST interacts with the body in such a unique and deep way, its definitely worth consulting with a CST practitioner to see if it may be able to help. The work is also a great for those who love bodywork and are interesting in adding something new in their repertoire of alternative care.

Here at Bodyworks we have two excellent therapist that practice CranialSacral Therapy; Diane Simpson and Karden Rabin. Both are passionate about the work and love applying its healing power to their clients.