Whats that symbol in the gift certificates?

Each year I try to design meaning into the gift certificates. I’ve taken inspiration from currency and old stocks and bonds as an archetype of value but I always wanted more.

Some of my gong training has introduced my to symbols and images to convey layers of meaning in simple images. I looked to a set of symbols called runes to represent more complex ideas.

Some folks have asked about the small symbol above the year indicator in the certificates. I’ve collected a set of these symbols that I think nicely represent the intentions of the giver and receiver. Below is the meaning spelled out.

F- Fehu – Possessions won or earned, financial strength, fertility and abundance – I choose this one for the certificates to mean the fountain of giving that happens when your own cup is full. That the year preceding was a good one and speaks to good things ahead. This is a representation of a good harvest and sharing it with those you love.


X- Gebo- The gifts -. That the act of giving is a gift in itself and sometimes more enjoyable to give something than to receive. Going further, this image is one of balance and fairness and speaks to equal exchange in contracts and negotiation. It’s a double mirror image in that you can cut in x on 2 axises and it’s equal on both sides that meet in the middle. Many of our clients are in private business and the idea of a year of balance and fairness for prosperity is appealing.


P – Wunjo – Joy comfort pleasure- This is the obvious intent of a massage or a gift certificate to give someone comfort and pleasure. While this is the intent it is also a ward against over abundance and too much please. Too much chocolate or wine can cause problems and like a flag Wunjo needs a pole to be stuck in the ground, rooted.


J- jera – Earlier efforts realized, enjoying a good harvest. The theme here is a sharing a good harvest with others. It was a good ear for a lot of people and the wise person plans for the future. Whie we have enjoyed the fruits of earielr good ideas, we are sure to plan for the future. I like this idea in relating to bodywork in that taking care of yourself will have tremendous reward on how you feel and act in the time to come. Invest in yourself, invest in those around you.