“What we are not” Reactions to prostitution busts using Massage as a cover

I wrote this as a press release so it's worded with quotes but it's applicable for the situation

For Immediate Release

Licensed Massage Therapist Reacts to Prostitution Busts

Owner of legitimate Colonie massage therapy practice Nick Pavoldi fumes over massage parlor using name of his business for illegal activity

Despite our greatest efforts, the mainstream acceptance of massage over the years has still not been able to shake the image of an underground massage parlor. With the recent busts of four local parlors and the arrests of ten people, it is clear that the world’s oldest profession is alive and well.

Nick Pavoldi, owner of Bodywork Professionals a legitimate massage and bodywork business in Latham, reacts to the use of massage as a cover for illegal prostitution activities.

“We’ve been trying to outshine the shadow of prostitution for a while… forever really. Let me say loud and clear that me and this community of massage therapists and healers are not, and have no association with these people. We face a NYS licensing exam with strict regulations and guidelines to practice as well as our own decision not to sell sex. There is a thriving and legitimate field of massage and bodywork arts that has nothing to do with prostitution. Unfortunately, occasionally there pops up a ‘massage parlor’ that does just that. These are unlicensed individuals and it usually amounts to slavery. It drives me crazy that they can so easily hijack our name and open this farce of a business front!” Says Pavoldi

“Leave the good name massage and bodywork the hell out of it!” Fumes Pavoldi “I couldn’t believe when I read the papers and saw they called it ‘Body Works’ as if they were trying to ride the coattails of the good name I’ve worked so hard to establish. It’s an outrage!”

“We run a legitimate operation with skilled, talented and licensed massage therapists. These people are talented and educated manual soft tissue therapists. I take great offense to our name and our profession being dragged into the mud. We are not a prostitution and slavery organization. That’s a totally different business model.”

“All we can do is let our work and ethics speak for itself. We have great clients and very rarely have had problems; if we do our therapist have clear, strong boundaries and know how to dismiss unwanted advances.”

Pavoldi adds these guidelines: Look for a place that has a good website and has been around for a while. Look for biographies of the therapists and specialties or modalities that each therapist does. A therapist will give you an intake and talk about your body’s needs, they will follow draping procedures to keep you appropriately covered throughout your session. The therapist licenses should be displayed in the walls and at least somebody should be able to speak english.


Nick Pavoldi is the proprietor and principal therapist at Bodywork Professionals. Nick is an Advanced Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner and licensed massage therapist of 18 years. Nick teaches continuing education classes at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage and is a local thought leader in the industry.

Bodywork Professionals has two locations at 578 New Loudon Road in Latham, and 79 Washington Street in Saratoga Springs. Bodywork Professionals has a team of fourteen licensed massage therapists and is in it’s tenth year of operation.

Nicks can be reached at Nick@BodyworkProfessionals.com :: 518.389.2200 Latham office