Welcome Rafaella Pavoldi

On August 18th, 2018 my daughter Rafaella was born at home in Saratoga. It’s been a powerful journey, and watching my wife deliver my second daughter, and getting to cut the cord attaching the two is something I simply wont ever forget.

My paternity leave was a time to connect with my daughter Ophelia more than anything else. Family dynamics certainly change with the addition of new children toddler rearing is a job best done by hand.

The wife is doing incredibly well. When we first discussed home birth it seemed so radical and like you’d have to be crazy to do it. We loved our midwives (Heartspace Midwifery) and slowly we came to accept the idea of no drugs, and no comforting expensive equipment and sterile packaging everywhere. As the day came closer it got more and more convenient to be at home as they came to us for our meeting.

Finally the day came and we just were kind of at home. We had lunch, watch some tv, cleaned a bit while Chanel had contractions. We texted the midwives and they arrived and hung out with us. Chanel labored in bed, then the pool we had set up in the living room, and then Rafaella was born and I was holding her and that was that. I wholeheartedly suggest it for anybody.

It got my thinking about the term “radical”. It comes from the latin “radic” or root. In the case the home birth was very much the root of the experience. It couldn’t have been more fundamental, and natural. We’d have been happy in a cave, or birth hut like it’s been done for thousands and thousands of years. We had help and support, but it was pretty much Chanel pushing a baby out. She has been uniquely empowered since then and Rafaella is doing great.