Updated mask policy

Our current policy is as follows:

  • Masks are mandatory for non-vaccinated clients/ staff
  • Masks are optional for vaccinated clients in session
  • Masks are worn by default by therapist in session
  • Masks are optional for vaccinated clients and staff outside of session

I’ve struggled a bit with having separate policies regarding vaccination at the office. We have to provide a safe environment for clients and staff as well as recognize the tides are changing.

For those who wish to wear a mask for any reason, that is totally fine with us. For those who have not or will not be getting a vaccination, we ask politely and respectfully that during this in between time you continue to wear a mask.

We try to create a healing environment at Bodywork Professionals. All our clients are important to us and we value and respect your decisions. I’m obliged to follow state and federal guides on this and maintain a safe and happy work environment for my staff. Comments or questions can be sent to me directly at Nick@bodyworkprofesionals.com