To Robe or Not to Robe

First time clients often ask what to wear or not wear during a session. There are different requirements for modalities and I’ll try to spell them out here.

Structural Integration:

This work is based on structure and function and the client will be asked to stand and move in what they will wear during the session. Female clients sometimes wear a two piece bathing suit or workout clothes; and men will wear shorts, workout clothes or their underwear. Some clothes are required for this work as the sheets are used for temperature control rather than draping. Structural Integration sessions are more participatory than Swedish massage and the client will be asked to move into different positions throughout the session. Standing and seated work are common.

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Bodywork:

This work is done under a sheet and the therapist uses draping techniques to keep private areas covered. Some clients disrobe completely, some keep their undergarments on, and a few keep all their clothes on. The decision on what to wear is based on the client’s level of comfort. All of our therapists are licensed and skilled in draping procedures.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy:

Shoes, socks and belts are removed and the client is worked on top of the table in their remaining comfortable clothes.

Thai Yoga Massage:

This work is done on a special mat on the floor. Clients are asked to wear comfortable clothing that they can move and stretch in, as they will assume many postures during these sessions.

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