“There is no joy in life until there is joy in the incomplete”~The Bodywork Adventure

Dr. Headly and I in the lab Whats left on day six is a world of exploration. Art still had so much to give, so much to see and learn. On day five I experienced some real anxiety. I patiently explored several areas including the shoulder, neck and foot. I bombed through some larger, more difficult to differentiate tissue in the glutes and made a total mess. It can be frustrating where things are not so clear cut.

We left in tact several horizontal surfaces including the diaphragm and upper pericardial sheath in tact but we had to make some decisions. We’d lose these structures but it was time to look into heart tree. Art had a pacemaker and the upper right ventricular was in tough shape. I dont know what the cause of death is, but that may have had something to do with it. It’s funny, on one hand I want know about this guy, what he was like and so on, but I also recognize that this is what he IS now. When he was alive he was something totally different. All I can get to do is know whats before me and appreciate that.

I spent some time holding Arts heart. We conducted several experiments with acupuncture needles and we could pretty reliably guess when an acupuncture needles is being inserted, withdrawn or twisted just by feel. The heArt itself is a spiral dance of flow and muscle. I could have spent all day feeling the smooth curve and weight of a heArt in my hand.

The week ends with a major clean up and ceremony with our forms and the students in the class. We all have so much gratitude for the gifts we were given and the experience as a whole. The remains will be cremated and broadcast at sea.

Like last time, I’m leaving with the feeling that there was so much more to see and learn but my cup is FULL. I’ve bit off enough and need to swallow, it’s time to rest and digest all this.

I’m off to Hawaii in the morning for the next phase of my training. The first portion consists of a hike to one of the most remote locations in America, the Kalalau beach at the end of the Napali coastline. I’ve been getting geared up and I’m excited and truthfully a little nervous. I spend most of my time at the controlled environment of Bodywork Professionals these days. It’ll be a jungle out there…. literally 🙂