The Great Healing Smile

A few years ago I was doing a human cadaver dissection in San Francisco. An unexpected result of working with the form of a body rather than a person was the extraordinary sense of what was NOT there. What was before me was no longer a person, something physical and very real but with the life force that animates gone, I was working with a thing rather than a person.

Looking at the pink faces of my lab group around me, watching them breath and knowing the miracle of life is within us all made me feel very alive.

I almost retired after the workshop because I realized how little I can actually do to the extraordinary complexity of the human body I had just witnessed. What brought me back from the brink was realizing that my job was simply to support that life. Massage and bodywork are information exchange as much as anything. My job is to encourage new ideas, promote change and watch the Great Healing Smile take over.

Have you ever tried to stifle a smile? Once it starts they are hard to stop. It’s just like that with the healing system. We are healing machines. A huge amount of our energy goes to destroying perfectly good cells just in case they need repair. There is an extraordinary redundancy in healing power of the body, and our job is to allow healing to overtake entropy. We do it so easily, it’s almost always taken for granted.

As a bodyworker, I’ve been lucky enough to encourage the tide of healing to tip in our favor. What happens is a momentum like a smile that spreads across the body. The Great Healing Smile. It takes over and does extraordinary things. My job as a bodyworker was simply to encourage the Great Healing Smile and for the past 20 years I’ve been witness to how effective that is.

You are alive and the Great Healing Smile is in you, just waiting to do it’s thing. Let me know if you need a hand 🙂