The Golden Ticket Production

Our Golden Tickets are popular every year, and more than just a package or massage sessions, it’s a relationship with that customer that is different than everybody else. Golden Ticket holders are our top clients and we take that seriously.

Many of you know I love printing and paper. That said, I’ve always wanted to use gold ink during the printing process.  Gold ink poses challenges, chiefly being it’s fine granules make printing on most any medium difficult. I partnered with the guys at Troy Cloth and Paper to help me get the professional finished product I was looking for. They were wonderful at explaining everything, using their expertise to make the best use of our time and efforts to get an amazing finished Ticket.

Screen or silk screen printing is really fun. Light is used on a special photo emulsion to harden all but the image you’d like to screen print. The image has been printed on a transparency and placed on top of the photo emulsion. The screen and image are placed under intense light to set.  Once set, the emulsion under the image is washed away and an image relief is left on a screen. Ink is passed through the screen onto anything you’d like. I saw the guys from TC&P print banana suits for an advertisement while I was there. I decided to make some farmers market bags, so as a special gift for our pre-order customers (before Dec. 1), we are offering these reusable bags suitable for strolling at the farmers market or just looking cool in town.