The first layer

I got to name Art today. I’d say its something of an honor. There are four forms to choose from and since I had a female called Mable last time I choose Art. A 98 year old gentleman of significant stature. I felt that I could admire him however he was, I’m sure he had been through a lot.

Forensics must be an amazing since to practice. I feel as though there is a epic play thats taken 98 years to unfold in front of me, and if only I knew what to look for I’d get the story. I also have a totally new respect for surgeons too. What they do is really remarkable, and it must take some real guts. But I have to just bumble through today again.

I’m with a really interesting group of practitioners. Running with my own flock as they say. I’m one of a pretty small group of Rolf Structural Integration Practitioners in my area so to be one of many is a treat.

I’m not going to go into details here but there is simply TONS of yellow underneath. I’m blinded by it right now. I see it everywhere I look and my eyes hurt. It may be the California sun too as I have a sun burn already…..

I just sat down at a coffee shop and snapped a shot.