Is Rolf Structural Integration Painful or A “Sensational” Experience?

The first thing most people ask me about when I say I’m a Rolfer is “Does it Hurt?” The questions speaks to a couple things. First our language doesn’t give us great nomenclature for sensations that aren’t pleasurable or painful, but somewhere in between. Second, when sharing things we tend to share dramatic moments and admittedly there will be times during a session that is dramatic.letter-s-3

For our purposes we’ll call pain something that is damaging. The Hippocratic oath to first do no harm is wisdom I follow in my practice. The whole point of bodywork is to aid in the healing process.

The experience of some sessions, or parts of sessions can be sensational. As a practitioner I toe the line of being as effective I know how to be during the time I’ve got with someone without doing more than they can reasonably handle. I want my clients to get their money worth, and since everything you need to heal is within, I’m just a helper and only here when you need me.

Pain is just a tricky word. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say that “hurts so good” or something to that effect. Pain is why many people come in the door in the first place, I’m on a mission to change the language of pain during a session and offer broader options for the sensational experience.

A session can be a wonderfully sensational experience. Just like hiking a mountain can have challenging times and beautiful views a bodywork session can be many different things. The goal is to make a session sensational in both senses of the word in that we want you to feel great when you leave.