The Bodywork Guild

This summer while I my daughter Rafaella was being born, I began work on the final stages of a dream a long time in the making and more that one thing entered the world in August of 2018

The Bodywork Guild is a continuing education platform for massage therapists in New York state and accredited nationally. Our mission is to advanced the skills and profession of massage and bodywork professionals by offering advanced classes in a variety of modalities.

It’s a really exciting new direction for me, and for Bodywork Professionals. I plan to make education the focus and mission of the staff and be able to offer classes regularly.

Additionally, I plan to begin offering some classes in the Rolf Structural Integration work I so love.

This is a long term  and while I’m excited to get underway, I’m going to allow it to unfold naturally.

Look for the special Bodywork Guild Symbol to signify quality in the work we offer.