The Bodywork Adventure~The Muscle Body

Snapshot_20130424_1After 2 full days of pulling layers back we finally get to the muscle body. This is the stuff I think I work on all the time right? I talk about muscle like I know what I’m doing but when I see them there is a world, a entire universe there that is foreign to me. I have just a few ideas of the way things are and I’m fudging the rest. Anybody that says different is a liar.

We are running around with some pretty sophisticated technology. Art is 98. 98!!! Been running around with this for 98 years. I simply can’t explain how complex, how intricate literally every inch of this walking miracle is. It works!! YOU LIVE!!!

Life. Life is a miracle squared. Not only does this thing walk around and eat and laugh and poop, it loves and thinks and feels. I suppose right here and now the physical I’m seeing represents only the complexity I can see and never fathom and there is a whole different life that I’ll never know. I’ll just need to live it myself because I’ve got one of these too. I’m happy to be alive.

The best I can do is a watercolor of the trail map after taking the hike.

Three days, half way through. Hump day. I’m feeling the effects of an intense experience. Getting scrubbed down at the Imperial was EXACTLY what I needed after 3 days of formaldehyde.