The Bodywork Adventure~Rolfing is simple…..So is juggling

It’s funny, while Rolfing as a technique is sort of nebulous and you can do it in any way you see fit to get the job done. The principles behind it are pretty simple.

1) Gravity either tears down or reinforces a structure.

2) Your center line is the key to reinforcement and organization in the body. Get that working.

That pretty much covers it. Everything else is just details, details that can be really different from person to person. In delivering those two things the practitioner uses language, hands on manipulation, gravity and movement.

In other news, learned to juggle yesterday! I had a great teacher and after about 15 minutes I could do it. I felt pretty confident that I just got awesome. My teacher juggling then let loose and did all kinds of crazy tricks; slowed gravity, tamed it, used it, made fun of it, and gravity obeyed the man not the other way around.

Juggling is simple….. keep the balls in the air. Rolfing is pretty simple too, use gravity around the line. However, getting there requires work, patience and an understanding. Bodies are dynamic and have history and this momentum of life that keeps things going. My experience seeing layers in the lab was somewhat useful but opened my eyes to an uncomfortable reality. This is some pretty sophisticated  equipment we are running around in.

Juggling and Rolfing ARE simple, they are just not easy to master.