The Bodywork Adventure~Planet Z

There is a fabled and obscure session in the Rolf Advanced series called Session Z. Session Z is in the seated position this one leg bent and to the front and the other best and to the back. In the picture here Emmett is approaching 80 years old and happily sits in this position. I’ve got to admit I’ve avoided the advance series simply because of this session. I find it uncomfortable in the extreme and the notion of being treated and being exposed among fellow practitioners who were probably great at spending time in Z  was off putting at best and humiliating at worst.

The reality was something much different for me. First let me explain that I’ve got an amazing partner. Jo is from Nashville and was the student I felt like I’d learn the most from. Jo has some knee injuries and was especially tuned to the fact that this would be hard for me. I’d been practicing this position and even spent well over an hour in the sauna (yes, there is a sauna on the property I’m staying at) practicing this position. Turns out Jo and everybody in class find this position hard. It’s an advanced body placement and as much a goal and journey as it is a place to be.

I was the first to receive in our partner exchange and we agreed to work toward 10 minutes on each leg. Much to my surprise I found the position bearable and almost enjoyable. I was delighted to find I could be in it and my legs were craving this kind of attention. This was one of Dr. Rolfs concepts that may have been hard to figure out but like many things had genius behind it.

The session is not easy. It’s participatory, it’s awake and alive.  Candidate clients will know I will be a gentle and empathetic but at the same time thorough in the application. The result is really amazing. This position is meant to stir things up, to shake up the existing patterns. It allows space for something new and different to move in. I have a feeling this will be my new favorite hour.