The Bodywork Adventure~Kalalau: Healer Heal Thyself

While most of these post will concern themselves with the notion of bodywork being an adventure of introspection and learning, this post will be about my adventures at a remote beach on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

The first Kalalau gift showed me an edge of what was physically possible for me on that day. It was everything I had to get there. 11.5 miles of grueling trail. Years of climate controlled office environments made a softy out of me. In one day, on one hike I recalibrated  my relation with the possible.

If paradise is fresh water falls, caves brilliant stars and bio luminescent beaches at night, then Kalalau is paradise. But its something more than just that. It offers freedom. People from all over the word check out (maybe check in) at Kalalau for months, years at a time. It’s a self sustaining paradise.


Shortly after arriving here cousins Jesse and I geared up for the hike to Kalalau. A mythical beach 11.5 miles along the nearly impassable Napali coastline on the north shore of Kauai. It had been a while since either of us had done some proper camping so we were both trying to anticipate our needs for the next week without being over loaded with gear.

The trail is rated a 9 of 10 for difficulty by the Sierra club. While we enjoyed excellent conditions on the trail, by the end I experience physical fatigue  in a way I’ve never experienced before. I’m in decent shape, but I don’t train for distances like that and certainly not with that kind of load. While it was hard, I can report there is a kind of bliss that accompanies physical exhaustion. I had no more to give, I found an edge there. It took everything I had to get there.

The minute we got to camp a cat began making a loudly demanding something, either food or love or to get out of it’s space. I tried everything to rid ourselves of this problem and the only solution was to feed it our hard earned and carried food. The cat was feral but took a shine to us immediately. I barely could take a step without this thing being right there under foot after we fed it once, it was so annoying!!!  Sammi was injured, skinny and like cupid shot an arrow directly to my heart. She was fed, cared for and loved. In return she never once left our camp and was always there to welcome when we returned from our days adventures.

We elected to use hammocks and Noah’s Tarp for our camping. I love hammock camping as its so much more comfortable. We had two full days of rain and the Hammocks

More to come………..