The Bodywork Adventure~A new understanding

The Advanced Rolfing series holds five sessions each labeled with a letter. Today at session four or the L session we explored right angles and hinges in the body. There will be much more of this in posts to come. But today is about my feet, surely a fascinating topic for all the beloved readers out there but I promise not to bore you to much. Having broken my ankle several times my feet are the crux of it for me. The place where I resist change the most. Todays session was work on resistance.

What does geometry mean in a body? Why do right angles have to do with it? What are animals horizontal and we are vertical (90° of each other). How do my feet make me more human? Why do I love fish tacos so much?P1010935

Today for the first time some of the puzzle pieces clicked into place and I see the picture on the box starting to emerge. This class is mean to throw you so far of balance that the practitioner feels as though he will never get it. He will always have to look, to be an explorer and adventurer. Ida Rolf did not want people to be good at this work, she wanted people to work at being good at this work.

I spent a week in Kalalau. A remote beach nestled in some of the most rugged landscape in the world and a challenging place to put yourself . Yesterday I was able to see it from a mile high, a whole new perspective on something beautiful.