The Bodywork Adventure: Moving Deeper 2

Snapshot_20130423_4I’ll admit that yesterday I approached this endeavor with a notion of “I’m about to climb a huge mountain and I’ve got a lot in front of me” type of attitude.

Today is something different. In me is bubbling up the excitement that brought me back here from last year. Not only is a challenging exercise, it is rewarding and revealing about the very nature of the human existence.

We are not must moving away that which is there. We are revealing the physical manifestation of our existence. I AM THEREFORE I AM! There can be no mistaking the extraordinary physicality that we are.

Under the skin is the superficial fascial layer. Calling it fat may be limiting. Hating it, hating this part of our body, this golden fleece, this structural wrap is a societal thing and I’m am simply not buying it. I love it. I swam in it all day today. This is a crucial layer of our body. I looked beneath the pads of the feet and I uncovered the folds of the butt. The muscles of the legs plan seeds of movement on the fat of the ass. This fat belongs there, this fat is needed. I invite you to throw aside any notions you may have and just feel what protects you. Touch it without any preconceived notions. What does it say to you? How does it feel?

I’m leaving today seeing everything being cut away. I’m removing something from myself. Everywhere I look falls apart into pieces that are important for what is there and what is removed.