The Bodywork Adventure: Amy in Thailand~Taking a Dive

Taking a Dive

For years, it has been a huge vision of mine to travel to Thailand. After visiting  as a child with my family (in resistance), I have dreamt of the land, people, and culture- though without recollecting much detail of my experience.  Since my last visit, I have grown and changed- including becoming a licensed massage therapist and a certified yoga instructor.  A return to Thailand only grew stronger in my desire to blend these two art forms with the study of Thai Massage.  Sometimes we dream, but to make our dreams come true, we often have to take a dive…
Now, I am not an expert, but I do know the basic form of diving and can keep myself afloat once in the water.  The tricky part comes in the unknown — will the water be hot or cold, deep or shallow, wavy or calm, salty or clear, and how will the creatures within respond to me? Furthermore, how will my mind and body respond to the experience of getting wet?
Despite my doubts and fears, I rode my wave of enthusiasm and put the wheels in motion to plan my trip to Thailand- my first self-planned adventure overseas.  Things came together,piece by piece, and with the support of family and friends my departure date arrived. 
After nearly thirty hours if travel time, I arrived weary but safe in Thailand.  And, no, the dive was not exactly as expected… The water here is hot- a thirty second stroll will drench you in sweat, in the sun or in the shade.  The  water is not quite clear– my respiratory tract is still working on adjusting to the air quality surrounding me.  Most of the time the water is calm- there is a very laid back attitude and way of life, but waves can occur (like in a cab with a language barrier between you and the driver, who turns a ten minute ride onto a ninety minute fiasco).  The creatures in the water like to smile and are extremely friendly, but they do notice my different appearance, style, and tendencies.  And as for me- I am like a sponge- constantly soaking in new phrases, new locations, new images, and new tastes– not to mention all of the amazing information in school.
So, a week into this adventure, I can say I more than survived this dive– I wouldn’t exchange my choice fir the world.  In fact,  by the end if this trip I am sure I’ll be working on my backstroke and playing with the fish! 
My mind is already reeling on my next adventure…  What will your next dive be?

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