The Bodywork Adventunture: Notes From Kahuna Road



I’m ready for this. We’ve had a full week of the Advanced 5 series. It’s really wonderful to be back in this mode. It’s a really big deal for everybody in class and it’s been fun getting to know everybody’s story. We’ll have the next six weeks together so we are really getting to know each other. Each class is a little life of it’s own. A new organism that only really lives during the time we are in class.


Rolf Training head quarters. Kahuna Road, Kauai

We got into some uncharted territory today as we finally dive into new material. Emmet is great, nearly 80 and has the full attention of the class for what is hours sometime.

Emmet trained with Ida Rolf for about 10 years before her death in 1979. Emmet is kind and quick to laugh, very intelligent, warm and shy. He will not run and hug you, and conversations come to an end unless you pursue them.

Emmet was very close with Ida Rolf very much of class is devoted to things she said or lessons learned. Ida and Emmet consider this a “Folk Art”. A tradition  passed on by words, hands and experience.


I may have mentioned I’m the most experienced class member. This comes with a little weight. I cant blend in any more. I cant be in the background. I’m supposed to really know this stuff right…..? I’ve been in class the longest! I am here to be a newbie. I feel like I want to relearn everything not have to prove what I know. Turns out it feels pretty good to have years of experience to draw on.

My classmates are successful and very hard workng in their areas. This is a significant amount of time and expense for anybody and we are living humbly but it took years of planning and hard work for all of us.

Class is centered around lessons and then hands one delivering sessions to 2 outside people and your partner. It’s actually a fair amount of sessions and since it’s the central focus of training they are opportunities for learning from the teachers with your own sessions.

I got myself ready for this the best way I knew how. The dissection work has got my anatomical model at  it’s career high and a week in jungle wilderness was just what the doctor ordered.

The next weeks will offer the biggest challenge to date. I’m looking forward to taking it on.