The Advanced 5 Series

advanced 5 logoAdvanced 5 Series

The Advanced Structural Integration Series that I learned about in Hawaii is a series of sessions designed to shake things up for those interested in taking the next step. Practicing Structural Integration for over a decade I’ve had several clients who have been through the basic 10 several times and are ready for something new. The Advanced 5 is just that. These sessions are really different from the basic 10 and require further participation on the part of the client. The experience in my own body was really wonderful and transformative. In all truth, these sessions are not for everybody. First, you must have completed at least one ten series cycle. Ideally more than one and not getting the change that is desired. Second, I’d like to consult with each candidate prior to beginning the series. Rolfing is not symptomatic work and for those looking to resolve specific issues I might suggest a three series or even a one off to resolve whats happening before entering into the advanced work. finally, this is a partnership between client and practitioner. Co-explorers and advanced clients should know that there is more jazz in these sessions. While there is a format they really are an exercise in exploration.

Session 1: Horizontal Line~Welcome back! This is the most familiar session. Session one is the horizontal line in the image to the left. Done mostly on the table, this session is our reunion.

Session 2 or Z session~ Z session is pretty far out. By far the most divergent of the series. Done seated on the floor in the Z position (one leg out in front at 90 degrees and the other in back at 90 degrees). Z session is there to shake up the legs. Patterns are held dearly in the legs as the tissue down there is pretty dense. Plan on lots of movement, and participating in the session.

Session 3: C session~ As an answer to all the hard work in Z session, C session is done on the table in what amounts to a fetal position. what has been shaken up in the legs ends up in the back and C session addresses that.

Session 4: L session~ L session gets it’s name from much of the treatment being conducted in the seated or kneeling position. We are looking for sharp angles and addressing the appendicular system. This is where we really start exploring as there are really no rules to this session. We are working together to create new ways of moving and ideas in a body.

Session 5: Vertical Line~ This session is done mostly standing, but as mentioned in the other sessions, we are free to explore here. Advanced Sessions 4 and 5 are similar to the integration sessions in the basic 10 or 8,9, and 10. We are looking for integration and a renewed sense of the Line.

The overall effect is similar to the 10 series in that you feel at one with yourself. The experience of integration can be found from many disciplines, and this is one of them. I’ve talk in previous posts and how Rolfing is simple, and it really is. Bodies love order. Tissue is chaotic and allows for anything, but loves order. Rolfing is about re-establishing natural alignment and as the body falls into place it seems to allow for that person to feel the confidence of being, the confidence of being themselves.