Thai Massage During Pregnancy

Holidays are here, which also brings a time of giving thanks and gift giving for those in your life.  As you are pondering what to get your loved ones (including yourself) consider giving the gift of health.

Do you have any expectant mothers on your list?  Did you know that research strongly suggests there are maternal and newborn health benefits when therapeutic massage is incorporated into regular prenatal care?  Prenatal massage has been proven to aid in mood regulation, reduce anxiety and improved cardiovascular health.  Through gentle muscle manipulation, opening and restorative stretches, massage modalities expertly target muscle aches and joint pain supporting the new demands put on the legs, hips, feet, arms and shoulders.    Studies have even linked massage to improved labor outcomes and newborn health through giving mothers an increased body awareness that can lead to a healthier pregnancy and delivery.

During a prenatal massage clients work with the therapist to address specific needs of her developing body.  Pre-existing conditions that may become exacerbated by the new demands put on the changing body can also be benefited.  Each session is specific to every client’s needs.

As massage can be a right fit for any expecting mother, Thai massage provides the budding mother to-be with a nurturing touch for the adapting body. With a gentle yet firm pressure Thai massage brings clients into light stretches and opens joint spaces through passive range of motion.  It can bring relief from natural stressors of pregnancy.    

During a Thai Massage clients are fully clothed and it is performed on a mat on the floor. The therapist assists by moving into a flow of naturally comfortable positions, many of them relating to familiar Yoga positions.  One of the benefits of receiving a massage on the mat is that there is more room to move around. The therapist can adapt every position to your comfort level.

A Prenatal Thai Massage is a “trifecta win”:  it relaxes you physically, mentally clears your mind and can emotionally ease fear and built up tension.  It is linked to improved sleep, increase flow of energy, and loosens muscles and connective tissue that may become tight due to growing demands on the body.

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