Thai Herbal Compress

On Amy’s recent training adventure to Thailand, she came across something really unique to Thailand and fell in love. Thai Herbal compresses are handheld herbal packs that are steam heated and used to slowly compress meridians throughout the body.

These sessions will combine traditional Thai massage (deep passive stretching, compression along the Sen energetic lines, and multi-plane movement) with the concoction of Thai herbs and steam.  Some herbs included in each poultice include kaffir lime, camphor, ginger root, and Plai- all direct from Northern Thailand, and some distinct to just this region of the world!
Sessions will be offered in 90-minute or 2-hour lengths– the 2 hour session is recommended for the complete experience, allowing a full mental and physical retreat from the outside world.  Both session lengths, however, will be fulfilling- giving a sense of recharge and renewal.
As per tradition, these Thai sessions will be fully clothed and held on a cushioned floor mat.

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To date, Amy has logged over 150 hours of training in Traditional Northern Thai massage and additional specialties in Chiang Mai, and is excited to share this unique and sacred offering.

Thai Herbal Compress and the herbs used inside

I find the aroma absolutely intoxicating. It’s almost like it smells like permission to let go. The herbs are deeply penetrating and leaves muscle feeling light, open, and refreshed.

This unique preparation of herbs coupled with the warmth of the steam has a deeply penetrating effect on the muscles. Warming and soothing and drawing out tension and pain. Great for strains, bruises, detoxification through the skin.

Amy took a traditional class in their preparation and production of the poultice.