Total Body Relaxation and Well Being with Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a thorough massage procedure targeting the entire body. This type of massage actually utilizes a variety of techniques that are geared for the improvement of blood flow as well as for the relaxation of tight and tense muscles. Swedish massage is done by rubbing the body in one direction (the direction where the blood flows to the heart) using deep pressure to the bones and muscles.

Benefits of the Swedish massage

The most important benefit of Swedish massage is its ability to release toxins from the body and improve oxygen flow to the blood. Other benefits of this very effective massage include:

  • Creates relaxation
  • Improves flexibility
  • Lessens and Relaxes muscle tension
  • Enhances blood flow

Swedish massage also stimulates the glands, muscles, nerves and the skin helping to improve overall health and well being.

You can also apply Swedish massage for injuries like muscle strain. This massage actually quickens the healing process by helping filter out toxins and waste such as metabolic waste, lactic acid and uric acid among others. With Swedish massage, one can also make the tendons and ligaments pliable and supple. If a client is burdened with emotional and physical stress, the therapist can apply Swedish massage on the client to help release these stresses from his/her mind and body.

The Origin of Swedish massage and the Techniques Involved

Swedish massage was created by Pehr Henrick Ling a physiologist working at the University of Stockholm during the year 1812.

Swedish massage uses techniques like effleurage, vibration, tapping or hacking, friction, kneading of muscles and long gliding strokes.

A demonstration of the relaxation benefits of Swedish massage.

 Swedish massage is safe

Generally speaking, Swedish massage can be considered a safe massage for most people. For people with existing health conditions though, this type of massage can exacerbate their condition. People who have edema, phlebitis, thrombosis, heart disease and cardiovascular problems should not avail of this therapy.

Also this therapy is contraindicated for pregnant women especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Having Swedish massage during pregnancy can entail the high likelihood of miscarriage. Before you avail of Swedish massage, it is best to consult with your doctor first before getting this kind of massage.

A Typical Swedish massage Session

When you start with your Swedish massage your body is first draped in a sheet. Your body then is uncovered one part at a time by the therapist who then massages the area. After finishing massaging the area, the therapist covers that body part once again and moves on to the next area. The therapist uses lotions and oils on the clients body. The former performs kneading and gliding strokes to help the client relax. One session can last an hour to up to 90 minutes.