Settling in to Saratoga

Saratoga Bodywork Professionals Ribbon Cutting

May 22nd Ribbon cutting of Bodywork Professionals, Licensed Massage Therapists 11 Spring Street, Saratoga Springs NY

This is my very first ribbon cutting. It was fun, and represented a step in business that I never felt like I needed before.

Starting as a solo practitioner, I not only worked for myself, I wanted to do everything myself, even when I did it badly. Owning a business represented a way to try everything and explore a bunch of new ideas.  An echo of that is the design and printing we do in the office.

What I came to realize is that people like our beloved neighbors in Latham the Pilates Principle and Taj Mahal were integral to what a business really is.

A business is a family, and part of the fabric of a community. We exist in response to the demand of our environment and the dream of those that work at it. My dream is to bring a place where working therapist like myself feel comfortable and inspired to bring the best massage and bodywork they can offer to the people they work with.

Massage therapist and bodyworkers are a unique people. It’s an outside the box decision to choose this schooling  and licensing. They are empathetic, creative, and usually motivated by some life experience that has shown them the power of this work. For the staff at Bodyworks, we work from passion and interest rather than the utility of a paycheck.

When the opportunity arose for Bodyworks to expand in Saratoga, I knew that I would lean on my work family and my blood relations. Mom and dad were right there with me painting and getting things ready, and the staff were supportive and ready for the challenge.

Saratoga has a thriving community of healers, artists and independent practitioners they have embraced us as part oft he community. I’ve lived here for ten years and it was great fun to see all the gears of this clockwork come together during our opening party.

There is a part of me that is ready to stop beginning and get see what the new normal looks life for the Saratoga Bodyworks. I’m looking forward to the challenge and opportunity. See you soon!