Which Session Length Best Suits Your Needs?

Becky Morris, LMT

New to massage? Picking out a gift for someone else? Unsure how long of a session is best suited for your needs?  Here is a breakdown of which session lengths best suit your needs as offered at Bodywork Professionals.  

Each massage is tailor made for you and your needs.  Any amount of time you spend on yourself is an opportunity to provide your body with the healing benefits of bodywork, no matter the session length.  Bodywork gives you that time to unwind, let go and bring undivided attention to your body, helping to answer and combat the demands you put on it throughout your day.  The more time in a session, the more focus the therapist can bring to address problem areas whereby allowing you to relax more deeply.   

40 minutes:    Focus to a problem area or light full body massage

                              Convenient for busy schedule

60 minutes:   Focus to multiple areas or full body relaxation

                             Most popular session length

90 minutes:  Full body massage plus focus on a problem area

                           Provides specific focus with general relaxation

120 mins:   Focused attention to chronic problem areas along with full body deep relaxation

                            Beneficial for eliciting muscle and fascial tension release


Chart for determining the length of a massage or bodywork session to choose