Roosevelt II Gong Lab Fundraiser

Sometimes being a gong master means getting to do really awesome things. This past Sunday we had an event to raise money for Coesa at the Roosevelt II bathhouse in Saratoga Springs. Coesa has made it their mission to bring the Roosevelt II back to life. Roosevelt II is a cool old Victorian age Greek revival bath house in the heart of the Saratoga Springs State Park. The bathhouse has been empty, unused and neglected for 30 years until this wonderful non-profit group has made it their mission to bring it back to life.

The setting was simply awesome. An old brooding building, rusting and worn with magic in it’s bones. The healing history built around the stone columns of this Greek revival building made this feel like we were part of something special, part of history. The gongs dovetailed nicely in the setting and we had an awesome, inquisitive crowd.

Nick at Roosevelt II fundraiser for Coesa

Nick at Roosevelt II fundraiser for Coesa

Each Gong event is different and this one was energetic and revitalizing.The Gong Lab is not a formal non-profit but Gongbrother Jim and I do not take a profit from of efforts. We simply roll all the income directly back into buying more gongs. Doing a fundraising event for Coesa, who has the great mission of bringing the Roosevelt II back to life was an honor and felt much more important than just accumulating more gongs.

This is more than a hobby, it’s a shared labor of bliss. We have a home in the gongs, and a place where we can be gong geeks. Our own little weird place in the world, and everybody is invited.

Thanks again for all those who took part, and for Coesa for bringing breaking life, vitality and healing into our lives.

Update – Aug. 24th, 2015: We now also have a full Gong Room set up at our Saratoga location. Please click here for more information.