Rolfing is about creating order

Now three weeks from my Advanced Rolf Structural Integration training, i’ve been able to distill the whole thing into two words. Create Order

most of what I’ve been doing the last three weeks is to back away from the complex notion of fixing problem areas in a body, or over thinking exactly my process and what i’m to do when someone comes in, and follow that simple idea.

I’ve been telling everybody about the messy office idea. When there are papers everywhere, and files stacked up and post it notes on every surface, it’s hard to get anything done. Creating order in the chaos of space is preciously what I’m doing with Structural Integration.

It’s quite simple. A body can get a disorganized from patters and injury and it craves order, Feng Shui, un-clutterdness, order.

From my experiences in dissection, seeing what is underneath is layers of chaos and from that is divined an order of function. I totally dont get it. It’s nothing like what i thought it would be. Somewhere in all that complexity is a working system of profound ability.

What I can do with my hands is draw out some of the order that IS there. The effects have been marvelous. Apart from being excited to be back and eager to apply these new techniques I’m finding this paradigm extraordinarily effective. AND fun!