Postcard from Altranise: Myofascial Training in Sedona


It’s breathtaking here in the Sedona desert!

Yellow grass against bold, red rocks and trees that look like breathing spirals continues to be soooo aesthetically pleasing. MFR I and MFR Unwinding have been completed. I start MFR II tomorrow. John Barnes is a fascinating being and I am still processing the collective, deep work I’ve been plunging into. Let’s just say it’s been really intense, powerful, and exhausting.

Outside of class, I’m soaking in the views, journaling, visiting parks, trails, and browsing shops that catch my attention. It’s about 70 most afternoons but chilly by evening. After such intense days, I seek nourishing activities as the sun goes down, which has included dips in an outdoor hot tub and outdoor, heated dining where you’re given a throw blanket to cozy up with while eating.

I think of BWP, the place that smells of sweet lemon Panic Juice, where the love language is changing your colleague’s table over, and where we all come together with our passions and authentic gifts.

See you after the spring equinox.