Our Fluid Life

“Our Fluid Life”
Kathleen Gates, LMT, CIMI

Senior Massage Therapist Kathleen Gates, LMT
Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (BCST) is all about being in relationship, and what can happen in that space. The gift is drawing on what is already there, and making space for it to unfold further. As practitioner, I have the unique opportunity to observe (and feel) these shifts in another person. Many levels are involved and patterns arise, however, there is always shifting and rearranging. BCST is a way for us to come back to center or “neutral” through bodywork. By sensing what is happening on a cellular level, we explore our “fluid body”, yet with no demand for it to change.Knowing that our bodies are very fluid by design is the beginning place for this process and shifting.

Discovering as a practioner: presence, and “listening hands”, afford the opportunity for clients to feel safety and comfort on a deep level. Much like being in the womb, a time when our fluid life afforded  all that we needed.

And even as a session comes to a close, the process continues, changes constantly happening because we are fluid beings. What great promise this work holds for healing and a return to health!