On reopening

We will be reopening at some point in the future. I believe we will be in phase III, but dont have an exact date. bI plan to stick a fork in July 4th to see how it’s cooked. I’d like to think we might open the following Monday July, 6th provided state regulations allow it and it it makes sense for us.
We will purify the air, wear masks and have an ablution routine and more space between clients among other things. But we can’t compromise on what a session is. It’s hands on and it’s close we have to share each others space. Being safe has stopped being fun a while ago, but until it’s safe for staff and clients alike we can’t do massage.
Thank you for the calls, emails and support. The staff are well and our weekly study groups have helped keep us involved and thinking about this work. We also meet to discuss as a group what it looks like doing massage again I think we’ve got a pretty good roadmap.
As far as how we will open, we will follow these steps.
  1. Call those who’s sessions were cancelled, in the order they were cancelled. We will respond to email and phone messages in the same order.
  2. Announce to existing clients that we are open for business.
  3. Announce publicly that we have reopened and are accepting appointments.
We will not be able to see the same volume of clients we had before. Even with adding new staff and more treatment rooms our process is little slower.
More details soon.
Thank you to ALL of those working, including front line. Your work is keeping us going.