Mother’s Day

Each year we take time to pause, acknowledge the depth and enormity of sacrifice and work by mother’s worldwide, from our own home towns to villages and cities around the world. And the saying is true, “a woman’s work is never done”, especially when she is a mother. Whether it’s for your own mom, a mother in your office who deserves some special treatment, or even someone you know who “mothers” and cares for rescue animals or orphaned pets, show her your appreciation this Mother’s Day by giving her the gift of massage. We at Bodywork Professionals like to treat moms extra special this time of year. Here’s the history of “Mother’s Day”….
Back in the 1850s, Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia organized the first “Mother’s Day.” The goal of the day was to improve sanitary conditions in hospitals and reduce the instances of milk contamination in an effort to reduce the extremely high infant mortality rate of the time.
In the 1860s, during the Reconstruction era, Jarvis expanded the Mother’s Day event to include caring for soldiers wounded in the Civil War and promoting peace and reconciliation between Union and Confederate soldiers.
Using a Golding #7 letterpress dating back to the 1880s on Mohawk Strathmore paper, owner Nick Pavoldi lovingly creates each card to be a thing of beauty and a symbol of the kind of care and attention that Bodywork Professionals massage therapists give to each client. Our beautiful, hand-letterpressed certificates and their special pricing at just $69 will be sure to thrill moms and those who “mother” throughout the Capital District. Our two locations have convenient hours 7 day a week to accommodate their busy schedules too.

Our Famous I ♥ Mom Gift certificate is handmde with an antique letterpress on exquisite Mohawk paper