Mindful Moment II

By Rebecca Morris-Kascan

Every day has beauty. Thank you for joining me for this mindful moment.

In this moment we will be acknowledging and letting go of any frustrations, anger, fear and negative thoughts that are holding you back from happiness and finding enjoyment in your day.

I’d like you to find a comfortable spot where ever you are.

Giving your body a gentle shake, letting go of anything you are physically holding in your body,

gently move your head side to side, back and forward, rolling all the way around, stretching your neck in tight spots and taking slow deep breaths as you do this.

nice deep breath. A find where your head comfortably sits on top of you neck. Straightening u through your spine and Opening up through your chest, and relaxing your shoulders.

Take a nice deep breath and exhale.

You may repeat after me or just listen to the words I am saying:

I acknowledge my fears and frustrations.

I acknowledge my negative thoughts and emotions so they will not continue to hold me back.

I honor my emotions by not pushing them down,

I honor my emotions by acknowledging them so I can learn from them, make change and move on.

I know it is important to acknowledge any fears, anger and frustrations I have.

I acknowledge them by letting myself know; it is ok to have them, it is normal and it happens to all human beings.

-deep breath-

These feelings serve a purpose. These emotions are a signal that something is not right, they are a signal for change.

You no longer need to keep these negative feelings once you have acknowledged them. You are free to let them go and move forward.

Inhale in newness and freshness. Exhale out the old stagnate energy of these negative thoughts and emotions.

I leave you with a few affirmations to carry with you though this time of uncertainty and frustration.

I will face any obstacle with courage and wisdom.

I will accept and embrace everything that happens

I have the power to create the life I want

I trust the process of life

I am attracting good things in my life.