Massage Tips for Love Birds 2018

My past years love bird techniques have really paid off and I’ve got a wife and kids to prove it. So this years tips are a little different. I’ve discovered the ability to hypnotize babies and children,  My “love bird” techniques for 2018 are loved of a different sort. Rather than that hot and fast love of new relationships, this years techniques are the Adirondack mountains, old and beautiful, unchanging on the big scale but always a little different as you follow your path. The lifetime love that you feel for your partner, children or animals.

1. Hands and forearms- Light touch, feather weight on the flexor (anterior palm side) of the hands and forearms has an extraordinary effect on babies. They find it utterly fascinating, stimulating and memorizing. Light work on the palms is soothing and relaxing and a great way to show love.

2. Scalp head and face- There is simply nothing more pleasant than having the head worked on. Position your loved one comfortably in your lap. Medium and even firm pressure feels wonderful. Lite caresses around the face, around the chine, cheeks, eyes and ears with make your partner feel loved and cared for.

3. Feet and calves- Lots of oil or cream using the biggest parts of your hands. Broad long strokes feel great here.

For babies, children or spouses, these techniques can strengthen bonds, sooth, relax and show how much you love the people around

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