Massage Tips for Love Birds 2017

Touch is a powerful form of communication. A light touch of the hand can command attention, signal intention and share a feeling in an instant. Touch with your partner can be nurturing, caring, silencing, familiar and validates an unspoken bond.

As we do each Valentines day, we share with you of Massage Tips for Lovebirds. Tools YOU can use to give your lover an awesome massage.

  1. Find a place that is easy for you to deliver a massage.

    Have you given a massage and your thumbs were completely worn out after 5 minutes? When working from the right position you’ll be able to go All Night Long. Height is important (higher is a little easier), and so is distance from the side. Choose a spare bedroom with a smaller bed and ideally those little elevating feet that go under the bed. You wont want to reach too much if you can avoid it. You may be using oil, so have something down you can wash.

    Be sure the room is ready, lights down and comfortable, music and maybe some nice incense or candle burning.

  2. Set the intention – Massage Type –

    Romance Massage- Be sure you have the music right, lights down. I think oil is more romantic than lotion but that choice is yours. Long, really slow strokes. Plan on 30 minutes.

    Healing Massage-Really pay attention to pain. Ask where your loved one would like you to work on. Spend time there, pay attention to the place. Simply paying attention to an area can make it feel better. Move slowly! Be predictable, and telegraph what you are going to do before you do it.

    Togetherness Massage- We all just want to be loved. This type of massage is more about the playful time together, exploration and giving of yourself fully and in the present moment to your loved on. Spend lots of time on feet, hands and the “good stuff“.

  3. A#1 key Secret Tip

    I’ll never forget when my teach Emmett explained what he was doing that made him so special. His goal whenever he made contact, was to touch in a way that people moved into. The best way I can explain it is when you pet a dog and they learn on you for more.

    Touch in a way that leaves room for someone to love it. It’s not all giving, it’s a two way street, a non verbal narrative and your hands are the actors and your strokes are the dialog. Listen with your hands, make your hands a big ear, hearing what your partner wants. Feel their pulse, their breathing their life under your hands.

    There is space there to love them unconditionally. Many of you have heard me say that I’m going to love the pain out of someones neck or back and that’s kind of what you are doing here. Love them so much they feel better.