Massage Tips for Love Birds 2021 – Facemask edition

Massage Tips for Love BirdsMassage tips for at home. Each year I share some massage techniques from the pros anybody can use at home with their loved ones.

Your loved one likely has to wear a facemask, and if they are anything like me, the back of my ears and head feel taxed.

In an early post I mentioned the strain in head and necks. Going further, I find myself working to address the issues facemasks can cause.

Couples Massage Techniques

I’ve developed a set of techniques to address this, as well as working on the neck and the scalp during my sessions. I’d like to share these with you so that you can look like a pro working on your sweetheart.

Trainings often took place in February on Kauai. I remember during my advanced training my teacher when the Old Master Emmet Hutchins said something I never forgot. “Sometimes you just have to love the pain out.”

Neck & Scalp Tension Massage Tips

Many people don’t realize the tension being held in their neck and scalp. But, a caring set of hands offers to love the pain out.

Since reopening in June, I’ve been fascinated by craniums. The muscles and tissue around the head contribute to facial expression, and are the crossroads of several large fascial sheets.  Masks that rest on the face and pull being the ears tend to bunch tissue up and relieving that provides a profound sense of relief. In many ways my work is brand new since taking a break then.

The cranium is thick and bony but made form an extraordinary an intricate set of joints that connect the eight bones called sutures. I find myself getting lost in these sutures and using a technique I learned from the Old Master called the 2 Way Operator.

You’ll see some of my tricks in this that may not look exciting, but they work.