Massage and Pilates

For many years we’ve worked next door to the talented and lovely folks at the Pilates Principle. We’ve worked together on hundreds of people who are actively staying fit and strong.

One of the most common things people ask after a massage is what can they do to keep feeling that way. I can tell you from first hand experience that Pilates and it’s 3-d cousin Gyrotonics, are simply the best for of regular exercise that couples length, strength and re-patterning to help bodies achieve their best performance.

In recently writing a professional development class on client homework (you’ll see a lot more about this in future posts) I realized how right Pilates got all kinds of things. People always want to know what they can do to support the work we do at Bodywork Professionals and Pilates is a great way to go.

It is a cohesive, well though out process of strength and length. Dancer capable bodies. I’ve seen folks of all walks of life experience tremendous improvements for working with Pilates, and in the instances they need addition muscle help thats when we come in.

Gyrotonics is sort of a version of Pilates, it’s creative and inventive and incorporates movement in non-linear ways. Again, in writing a class to teach Licensed Massage Therapists to teach clients techniques for self care I looked directly to Gyrotonics for advice. It should be noted that I believe the scope of practice for teaching client homework from an LMT is really about self massage, I believe it is critical to know what is available regarding exercise and stretching and be able to send folks in the right direction.

You’ll see blogs about yoga and the ENTIRE self care workshop will be free and available for anyone to use or shore shortly.
Instructors at the Pilates Principle