Lettpress Gift Certificate Production

Each year I get to get my hands in some ink, lube up the press and make the gift certificates for Bodyworks. Everybody has their geek, and for whatever reason mine is paper and ink, producing real things. The fact that my hands do work that can very much be felt it is hard to see. My works leaves the office after each hour and so being able to hold the product of my labors is satisfying.

A letterpress has a rhythm, a groove. It’s very physical and I found my body learning faster than ever this year. Zooming out a little the whole process was a bit smoother this time around. I’m very much still a student of Lori Hansen whom I am an apprentice printer too. We’ve worked together for three years, and this us the first it’s starting to come together. In fact, I’ll be the proud owner of my very own press by the end of the year. Don’t be surprised if you see some more interesting things from us in the coming months as the press is primarily to make things for my other hobby Bodyworks.

This year I got the whole thing on video in a time lapse. It’s not as exciting as I had hoped it would be I’ll be posting it soon.