Letterpress gift certificates / What things feel like matters

I feel I was born a tactile person. I believe that’s what drew me to bodywork, and it’s why I use such awesome paper with our printed materials.  I want our clients to begin their tactile experience of Bodyworks when they are reading our flyer or holding a gift certificate.  Our gift certificates are printed on super heavy weight cotton paper.  It’s a paper that says “what things feel like matter.”  When you or your loved one hold our certificates, you’ll know we care about what things feel like.

A few years back I did an apprenticeship with a master Rolfer in San Diego, Ed Maupin. He had written two wonderful books on Rolfing and I wanted to meet him. I flew to California and got a few sessions. I ended up becoming an apprentice as he’d teach me about the work and I’d help him with whatever he needed.  One of the things I’d do is help print his book. Each book was being spit out of a printer he kept in his treatment room. I couldn’t believe it, from start to finish, Ed not only authored this book, he made it. Ben Franklin helped change the world not just by having ideas, but being able to share them. Something about that took root with me and I’ve enjoyed printing ever since.

I’ve had a fascination with letterpress printing for some time. Using computers has gotten me away from seeing things really happen. The press is huge, weighing well over a ton.  It’s an extraordinary amount of effort and moving parts to get a few words onto paper. There is a rhythm and musicality of the press as it’s going, and a bit of a dance with the printer. It’s foot powered and you must pump with a foot, select the next sheet of paper, insert, remove and stack all at the same time. It’s dangerous business too, a finger in the wrong place would be lost. Each certificate takes 3 passes. It took 8 hours to get about 500 certificates.

Printing and paper make me happy. For me, letterpress printing is the stuff that dreams are made of. As a nice byproduct, I get to make something awesome for Bodyworks. I’ll admit that I use this business to leverage my hobbies 🙂

Nick living the dream

Nick living the dream. Picture and press courtesy of Lori Hansen