Letterpress gift Certificates & Golden Tickets are Here!

As some of you may know I’m a bit of a paper geek. I love the feel and texture of fine paper. As a massage therapist much of my life is defined by what I can touch and quality paper and printing just makes me happy.

This year, I’ve made our gift certificates on incredible paper using a Golding #7 letterpress from 1887. This beast weights in at about a ton and leaves a satisfying bite in the paper it prints. There is no way to match the value of one of our sessions on something as simple as paper. However, these gift certificates are elegant, handsome and a worthy gift for someone you love. see the process in the short video on you tube. Nick making Letterpress Gift Certificates

Yes, they are back! The Golden Tickets are here! Each year we issue a limited number of Golden Tickets and some folks are lucky enough to snap them up. We had more pre-orders than ever this year as we give anyone who has bough a ticket first dibs.

Why are they so awesome? They are a pack of 10 vouchers good for a massage and bodywork session with us. They come is an awesome Golden Ticket, and they may be used by you or given individually to someone you love. AND, they are the very best deal we offer for the entire year. This year they are the same price as last year at $627. It is honestly the lowest price we can possibly offer. Because we are so close to the bone on these we ask for check or cash only. it costs us $10.75 to process these with a credit card and while we are happy to take it we have to pass this cost on. so while we are happy to take a card for a Golden Ticket there is an additional $10 fee. Blame your credit card card company, not us.